Friday, August 17, 2007

The First Day

Alright, enough people have complained about my lack of updating, so I've decided now is the time to rock! (WE SALUTE YOU!)

Today I've begun a quest to do something new. I'm going to try to pay attention in every class. The only internet I'm going to allow myself is the internet of love (i.e. email). How long this plan lasts, and how much I'm really interested in following it remains to be seen.

Already my causal approach to law school is showing in myriad ways. I got zero interviews on the first week. I missed the very first class on the very first day. I spent hours and hours doing what amounted to one hour's worth of work.

Really, I'm on the ball with not being on the ball. I'm almost excited to see what other things I can not do well.

Alright, that's it for now. OH WAIT! One other thing. I just remembered. I got my paper back from my summer internship. I should preface this with the fact that it is a credit/no-credit course. Anyway, I got my revised paper back. Prof. Keller tore it apart. She explained how it was shoddily researched and not particularly clear. She pointed out how frequently I used unnecessary words. She all but damned me to the 5 depths of hell (or however many there are).

And then she said, "But it is worth credit."


That was the positive thing. Have you ever heard of a complement sandwich? She gave me something akin to a complement open-faced sandwich, where the gravy is so heavy that there may as well not have ever been bread. Also, the bread is crappy bread. And thinly sliced. And had to be toasted because it was so old.

Alright, I may be employing a little hyperbole. So sue me.

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Kathleen said...

I remember getting a twenty-five page research paper back with a B from one of my toughest grad school seminar professors. I'd somehow gotten a B, but it must have been because he like me or felt sorry for me (I was going through a bunch of crap and the divorce with Adam) or both, because of that B. It was torn apart, and later I found out he'd told his GA that it was obvious I hadn't had my mind focused at all! And when I turned it in, I had thought that it was a pretty good paper! So I'm with you Nate and I've missed your blogging and good luck this year!!