Sunday, July 20, 2008

a willingness to chat?

Alright, folks, no guarantees, but I have this resolution to try to update my little corner of the interweaving webs, so here's my attempt for tonight.

You know how I seem to have an interest in chicks/women/the ladies who are currently in relationships? Tonight I figured out why that might be.

Specifically, I was hanging out with two cute girls. Both of whom were very high on my interest-0-meter. One was dating a guy. The other was not.

Can you guess which one said more that three words to me?


Yes, that's it. That's the magic. I'm really pretty easy to please. Be mildly attractive and actually spend 5 seconds talking to me. I'll be like a love-sick puppy for the 2 years.

With that said, I'm curious about the other side. Men all know that an engagement ring guarantees that every woman you see will instantly be attracted to you. Ditto, to a lesser extent, having a girlfriend at all.

Is this actually because men in relationships are more talkative and interesting, or is there something else going on on your end?

I'm just a humble, fat, short(actually, average heighted) man lookin for some answers. Anyone got any comments?