Thursday, July 12, 2007


Here's a thought. I just read a study that said quality of life for obese people (particularly children) is similar to quality of life for folks with cancer, due to the stress of stigmatism as a result of the actions of peers. As we all know, heart disease is often related to obesity. What if a part of (obviously not all), but a part of ill-health due to obesity is a result of stress, rather than cholesterol buildup?


Anonymous said...

Then we are all fucked Felix.


Kathleen said...

There was actually a study done (I wish I could remember where, I will look) that showed that stress actually contributes to obesity, not because of stigmatism, but because being stressful causes you to retain fat.

crickets said...

chirp chirp. chirp chirp. squeeak chirp. squeeak chirp.