Tuesday, October 30, 2007

The Day After... The Party!

So this past weekend was Halloween, right? Aside from being a great time where women dress in next to nothing, it's also a time to come back to class/work on Monday morning and look at all the people you did inappropriate things with over the weekend and feel embarrassed.

That statement, of course, assumes that your job/school had a Halloween party involving a great deal of alcohol.

Now that the weekend is passed (like a kidney stone), I shall enumerate some of the more embarrassing events.

First, thanks to the magic of facebook, you can clearly see me destroying a very cute picture of a Couple by standing in the background and cheesing it up.

Actually, I still haven't decided how I feel about that picture. On the one hand, if the girl of the couple were only able to take the stick out of her a§§ for about 3 seconds, she'd think the picture was funny, so I'm irritated at her for being such a stick in the mud who gets pissed off when you disrupt her world. There's another word for that, but I'll refrain.

On the other hand, I hate to piss people off, and I'm sure she spent half an hour crying because such an important moment was ruined forever.

Second, when I get in a "state," (meaning drunk) I find myself getting very handsy. I believe this results from several factors. A) I naturally like people. B) I'm a lonely guy. C) Due to the dearth of ass in my life, I have to find other ways to get me some.

The wild thing about this is drunk people tend to react pretty positively to handsiness. At least, in the short term. Oh, nothing serious ever comes of it - at least for me - but the overwhelming negative reactions of sober people just don't exist.

Then Monday rolls around. Ah, Monday. The nervous grin. The ridiculously uncomfortable wave. The fleeting thought that probably passes through the girl's mind, "Well, at least I didn't wake up in his bed...."

Yes, no one likes Mondays.

Or maybe I'm just in a bad mood, because I've managed to convince myself that what's-her-name is not, in fact, interested, when I had myself all certain that maybe she was. That's also possible.

Of course, if I go down that thought process, I'll start to get all depressed and start crying about how fat I am.

And no one wants to hear that.


kay said...

Ah, the morning after regrets... good times. Of course we want to hear you complain. We wouldn't read your blog if we didn't care about your thoughts and feelings. And although I did not see this specific picture, I think stick up her bum girl is silly and should get over it. She probably has a million cutsey tootsey pictures with her boyfriend and can stand one picture with someone else in it.

Kathleen said...

I agree wholeheartedly with Kay and plus, pictures just tend to be better with you in them. You're very photogenic. And I prefer looking at you, than looking at some girl with a stick up her ass whom I don't know.

Kristi said...

I totally saw some of the photos and facebook and thought to myself that you look awfully nice as a rapper? street-thug? whatever you might have been?

Is that your normal facial hair style these days because I think it's muy bien.

Chin up, fella!

Sara said...

what is this facebook thing people keep talking about?