Monday, June 18, 2007

Grades are in

Good news.  Our final grade came in for this semester.  It was the first and only grade in which I performed better than the average.  This means my overall GPA is exactly .01 higher than it was last semester!  Hoorah!!!  Or something to that effect!

Seriously, though, my goal was to raise my GPA and, failing that, to at least remain constant.  Assuming the rest of the class holds steady, I should remain in the top 1/3 or so.  With my .01 increase, I might even jump up 2 or 3 people!  Or not.  You know, depending on how these things work themselves out.

What this means in terms of job searching remains mildly unknown.  A quick scan of the big local firms suggests that I need to be in the top 10% if I want to have any kind of shot.  As that seems unlikely, I guess I'm going to have to start looking at mid-sized firms.  I'm certain that I'll still try throwing my hat in the ring, particularly with firms I feel I might have a vague in with (e.g. Foulston, Ogletree, and Lathrope), but I don't have high hopes at the moment.

Anyway, I'll keep you posted on how that works out, once rankings are released.

In other news, we appear not to have a boss at work anymore.  The head student clerk is now, for all practical purposes, in charge.  I'm not really sure how to handle or define that, but I think I'm ok with it.  Hopefully this won't lead to my spending all of my time playing spider solitaire.


Kathleen said...

You're going to apply at Foulston's? Email me about that Fe, cause, well, it's a good firm, and um..I might be able to help.

kay said...

Where are you applying to in terms of geographical location? Staying in the Lawrence/KC area or coming back to Wichita?