Sunday, May 27, 2007

two grades can do a lot

Well, so far my outlook for this semester is pretty grim/frustrated. The crazy thing is that I haven't really moved up or down very much in my overall GPA. Also, I only have two grades left, and if - by some miracle - both turned out to be A's, then all the down stuff I've been saying lately would no longer be applicable.

It's nice that they're the two classes that I left feeling the best about the final, but that never usually means much.


Audrie said...

Good luck on your finals. I'm sure you'll do fine. As for your feeling of mediocrity from the previous post, I don't see you as mediocre/average.

Kathleen said...

Good luck, I'm sure you'll do great. As for your last post, though I should keep my mouth shut, I don't see you as a person who is only mediocre in working. I've always seen you as a high achiever, who goes beyond what he has to, to get where he wants to go. So, good luck, and you're not mediocre to me.

kay said...

I guess it all depends on your definition of mediocrity. By society's standards you have to have millions of dollars and have your face on major magazines to really be successful. I think 90% of the world is mediocre in the sense that they have a decent job and a family and a small suburban house. Nothing wrong with that. I never worked particularly hard in school b/c work sucks and I turned out all right. But my life isn't anything least not to others. All I know is I would much rather have my life than anyone elses. I look at people who got married and have kids and I think, holy crap, I'm glad that's not me. And most people probably look at me in school for forty years, in Iowa, missing my significant other because we never live in the same state and think, what a crappy life. It's all in perspective. The trick is to be happy with your self and your decisions and to enjoy your future whatever it may be. Don't worry about how it compares to what you might have had. What you do have aint so bad